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England’s tallest Tudor Gatehouse, Layer Marney Tower stands within the Essex landscape, commanding views to the River Blackwater and beyond. Built in the reign of Henry VIII by Henry, Lord Marney, Layer Marney Tower is a statement house, that shows its original owner was rich, powerful and a friend of the King. The ornate terracotta decorations are of Italian design, the extravagant use of glass, diaper patterns in the brick work and its commanding height, add to its grandeur and importance.

Although this is a stunning and imposing building, Layer Marney Tower remains a family home, skilfully adapted for the perfect Essex wedding venue. We also cater for receptions, conferences, parties, school groups in Essex all year round.

Visitors have been welcomed to Layer Marney Tower for over 500 years and we warmly welcome you to come and visit and find out more.  Click here to see the events we have so far planned for 2019.   We are currently closed to general visitors, we re-open on Wednesday 3rd April 2019 on Wednesday & Sunday afternoons.  Please click on events for special opening times for Bottle Feeding the Lambs.  However, we are open throughout the year for weddings, school visits, guided tours, group visits, special events, corporate events etc.

What we do

  • Step into the peace of a Layer Marney Tower conference. Leave the organisation to us for a positive beneficial event.


    Leave the office and clients behind and step into the tranquillity of Layer Marney Tower, giving yourselves a breathing space to concentrate on your conference or Awayday. Impress your clients as you host an event at Layer Marney Tower.

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  • Taste, see and touch authentic Tudor life or try our other first rate courses covering hundreds of years of history.


    Although we are ideal for learning about the Tudors, we are new curriculum compliant offering courses in the Stone Age, Vikings, Romans etc. Also imaginative courses at KS1 including George and the Dragon, Dinosaurs, Beauty and the Beast etc.

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  • Check our Events List for exciting days out, or choose a quiet day to enjoy the peace of the Tower and grounds.


    Throughout the summer we have a programme of events for all ages. Most events are on Sundays but check out our events list to choose the things that interest you and your family.

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  • Looking for a venue for your special celebration? We can cater for large or small party sizes all year round.


    Layer Marney Tower is a fantastic venue for your special party; anniversary, birthday, retirement etc. In the summer wander from the Long Gallery with a drink in your hand to look round the gardens. In winter we have a state of the art heating and you will be warm and comfortable.

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  • Would you like an exciting holiday experience in Essex? Try glamour camping in our beautiful grounds.


    With your own private hot tub, shower, running water and flushing loo… proper beds, wooden floors - this is probably not camping as you know it. Enjoy the “outdoor” life in one of our luxury encampments. Cook on a wood burning stove, toast marshmallows round the campfire. This is a really fun experience.

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