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England’s tallest Tudor Gatehouse, Layer Marney Tower stands within the Essex landscape, commanding views to the River Blackwater and beyond. Built in the reign of Henry VIII by Henry, Lord Marney, Layer Marney Tower is a statement house, that shows its original owner was rich, powerful and a friend of the King. The ornate terracotta decorations are of Italian design, the extravagant use of glass, diaper patterns in the brick work and its commanding height, add to its grandeur and importance.

Layer Marney Tower is a stunning and imposing building, and has welcomed visitors for over 500 years. It is also a family home. On various days, in the summer months, it is open to visitor but it has also skilfully adapted itself to offer weddings, both large and small, as well as school trips and exclusive tours all year round.


The house will open to General Visitors on Wednesday 19th May 11am – 5pm

and every Wednesday and Sunday until Sunday 26th September. Extra days through the Summer holidays

Glamour Camping will start on 12th April and Featherdown are now taking bookings.

We are still taking bookings for schools, guided tours and weddings. If you want any help with your planning do get in contact

 01206 330784 or email: info@layermarneytower.co.uk


If you are wanting to book a wedding please do get in touch. Securing a date is important.

We are still in the office, can discuss details and even send you a virtual tour.

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