Don’t Tell the Bride

We are hoping that lots of people will be tempted to visit us following the two programmes shown on Channel 5, comparing the lives of Elizabeths I and II. (As well as lots of brides and grooms bookings their wedding with us,  having watched Harry and Charlotte’s Layer Marney Tower, Royal Wedding on the programme, Don’t Tell the Bride)

Horses grazing at Layer Marney Tower.

The parts of the programmes about Elizabeth I were almost all filmed here, with the Corsellis Room becoming the backdrop for lots of scenes and various areas of the Tower itself transformed from Nursery to Dining Room and the gardens very much on show as Elizabeth I walked regally around them.  The highlight (for me!) was Peggy the horse, who can always be spotted grazing in the park land in front of the Tower, she became Elizabeth’s horse.   The Queen didn’t ride Peggy, but did pat her quite a lot.

So, when you come and visit, look out for Peggy, still with a right regal air about her.


We open to general visitors on Sunday 29th March and from then on, until later in the season, on Sundays and Wednesdays, 11.00 am – 5.00 pm  With additional opening for Bottle Feeding the Lambs in the School holidays, starting on 5th April.  During that fortnight we are open on Sundays to Thursdays (we are always closed to general visitors on Fridays and Saturdays as these are our prime days for weddings)

Bottle feeding the lambs.

Dolls’ House Exhibition

As I write, the new Dolls’ House Exhibition is being titivated. This is going to be a fascinating exhibition.  We are so fortunate to have such a large collection here.  We have for many years enjoyed having the Georgian Mansion, Manderley (too grand and large to be classed as a mere dolls’ house!) with it’s 18 rooms, large family and even larger staff at their beck and call.  The new houses are not as large,  but there are plenty of them as well as dioramas, room boxes, shops etc.  These all give a mirror into a tiny world, the detail is extraordinary and you don’t need to be a dolls’ house aficionado to enjoy them.

Dollhouse interior, all set for Christmas.

We have some very experienced Tudor reenactors booked for several Sundays throughout the summer, giving an additional Tudor feel, with the opportunities for visitors to chat to them, Some interesting conversations could develop as they are coming as the six wives of Henry VIII….maybe the interesting conversations will be between the wives themselves, that could be very heated…

We do so hope we have something for everyone and very much look forward to meeting you.