Visiting Layer Marney Tower

We are delighted to be able to welcome you back. 

We are open Sunday – Thursday from 11am – 5pm. 

The Tea Room has moved into the Long Gallery and through the month of August we will be participating in the Government’s “Eat Out to Help Out” 50% off.

The Layer Marney Tower poses a great day out in Essex. Although it is the tallest Tudor Gatehouse in the country, Layer Marney Tower doesn’t dominate the skyline until you are almost upon it. However, sail up the River Blackwater as a marauding invader and you couldn’t fail to be impressed by its stately grandeur. The site was chosen following the defeat of the Anglo Saxons at the Battle of Maldon in 991, as a good look out point. The Marney family had a dwelling here probably from just after the Norman conquest,  but it is the Tudor Palace, built by Henry, Lord Marney, that people now come to see.

There are several ways to visit Layer Marney Tower to find out more than just coming as a casual visitor.   Guided Tours are for groups of 20 or more and cost £14.00 per person, generally led by one of the owners, they are a really good way to get a feel for the Tower and why it is such a grand and ornate building that was never finished. Guided Tours can be arranged throughout the year.

Invitation to View is a way individuals can have a Guided Tour not only of Layer Marney Tower, but of hundreds or other historic homes.  We have had 5 Invitation to View guided tours this year at Layer Marney Tower, one Christmas one left on 5th December.  Book through Historic Houses on 01946 690823 or through their web site

If you a member of a group but don’t feel a Guided Tour or Invitation to View visit is quite right for your group, why not come on a Group Visit?  These are for 15 or more people and you can have reduced entry for £8.00 per person.  As an add-on, Group Visits can book a short 20 minute introductory talk by an experienced Layer Marney Tower Guide for an additional £20.00. Choose from talks on: An Introduction to the history of Layer Marney Tower, Layer Marney Tower owners over the last 500 years, Layer Marney Church, an introduction to the East Anglian artists exhibition at the Tower or an introduction to the Garter Knights’ Crowns and Crests exhibition.  Contact us for more details.

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