King Harry

Charlotte had hoped for a low key wedding in a rustic barn, Harry decided that he was King Harry and he wanted a wedding that would suit his Queen, Charlotte!  Fortunately Charlotte was very happy with Harry’s choices, which included a marching band, royal thrones, union flags with their photos on that guests waved when Charlotte was driven in our 1930’s Rolls Royce by our chauffeur, Graham, through Tiptree en route to Layer Marney Tower.

Marching Band escorting the bride.

Elizabeth I and Elizabeth II

We now are looking forward to Channel 5 on Tuesday 10th March and Wednesday 11th March, on Channel 5 at 9.00 pm when there will be two episodes of Elizabeth I and Elizabeth II.. Some of these programmes were filmed at Layer Marney Tower Two of Britain’s greatest monarchs are profield to reveal what unites or divides them.  The second programme looks at the two outsiders who infiltrated the Court; Diana and Mary Queen of Scots.

Antiques Roadshow with Fiona Bruce.

Antiques and Glamping

It is lovely to see the Tower on television, the brickwork, the huge windows, the awesome terracotta it all looks spectacular on the small screen.    We are no strangers to television; everyone here still fondly remembers  the Antiques Road Show when Fiona Bruce walked so elegantly down the corridor in the Tower, Before that, Flog it when the search for antiques was on around the Essex lanes.  Four in a Camp Bed, a spin off from the popular Four in a Bed series, that was fun.  In this one the owners of Layer Marney Tower pitched their wits against three other couples as they tried out each others camping facilities.  Our camping facilities are in fact, Glamping, posh camping, with safari style tents, wood burning stoves and hot tubs…our team were joint winners of this competition.   Then we were briefly in A Woman in Black, though sadly Daniel Craig didn’t film here.  Many years ago the Time Team dug up the lawns, but sadly found very little.  Dr Jonathan Foyle abseiled down the Tower in his series, Climbing Great Buildings,where he chose and explored iconic historic buildings through the ages, we were his choice for the Tudor building.

So set your timers or settle down on the sofa to enjoy a week of Layer Marney Tower on TV. We hope you enjoy the programmes.