The Big Sleep Over

Not since Tudor times have people slept the night in the Long Gallery at Layer Marney Tower.  But, now we are offering you the opportunity to do so.  Once the stables for Lord Marney’s horses, with those looking after them bedding down on the floor above. Now transformed for 21st century use, with oak sprung floor and Tudor paneling, but as you drop off to sleep will you hear the stamping of the horses’ hooves, the rustle of straw, or a distant neigh? Was that just the wind in the roof, or was it the creaking of a knight’s armour???

Visitors for this Big Halloween  Sleep Over will arrive at 8.00 p.m. and find where they are sleeping.  They will enjoy burgers and sausages in the nearby courtyard before a trip to the top of the Tower and listen to some stories…is that the clanking of a long dead knight you can hear coming up the stairs or just the wind rattling the Tudor windows?   Play some Halloween Games such as apple bobbing, find yourself a pumpkin and do a bit of pumpkin carving.  Followed by a night walk, keep very quiet, what can you hear in the dark?  What can you see as your eyes get used to the dark?  No street lights at Layer Marney so, clouds permitting, prepare for a spectacular view of the stars.  Half way round the night walk, stop off for a bonfire and toast a few marshmallows, you might like to sing some campfire songs,  before making your way back to the Long Gallery for a midnight feast of  hot chocolate and flapjacks, play some board games before settling down for sleep, if you can… Awake to the aroma of bacon butties and gather your things before you tuck into the butties and make your way home at 8.00 a.m.

A few rules and regs:-

  • No one under 16 unless accompanied by an adult
  • No groups larger than 5 people
  • Only 35 tickets available – first come first served
  • Bring your own sleeping bag and sleep mat
  • Everyone will sleep in clothes
  • Bring wet weather gear and wellington boots
  • Bring a torch
  • A member of Layer Marney Tower staff will sleep in the Long Gallery with the group.
  • No alcohol.
  • The Long Gallery has a state of the art wood chip boiler, so will be warm
  • Tickets on 01206 330784 – £28 per person.

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