Festival of Farming

Come and celebrate farming!  The story will unfold of  how farming has changed over the years.  We are more familiar with the work of vast combines, cutting a field of wheat in a very short time.  It was not always like this. We plan to turn back the clock.  Come and learn and reminisce  about “slow farming” when everything took much longer and many more workers were involved.   Watch the work of a 1957 Massey Harris 780  combine harvester as it slowly harvests a field of wheat, loading the grain in a grain trailer to be carted away and then watch a MF20 baler baling the straw.  Then the old cultivator will arrive and break up the surface of the soil.   There will be a demonstration of wood cutting. Vintage farm machinery included a Massey 35 tractor and a trailer with grain sacks and an old weighing machine and sack lifter.

Enjoy the farm animals; piglets, sheep, goats, horses, deer, chickens and bees and go on a tractor and trailer ride.

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