Planning Your Educational Visit

We have spent time planning how schools can visit in “the time of Covid” and the answer is easily.

We only have one school at a time, so each “bubble ” can stay and work together. We have plenty of space for the children to spread out and run around. We offer a period of concentrated learning, fresh air and fun. Good for well being, confidence building and reassurance that outside the classroom can be safe.

Schools arrive at Layer Marney Tower at 9.45 a.m. with time to wash hands and prepare for the start at 10am and we expect the children to leave at 2.00 p.m.

We can take large groups of up to 150 children on one day. Our group sizes are for 30 children. For larger groups, we will let you know how we would like you to divide up the children. Please check our lesson topics and choose what would suit your class.

The children will do three modules chosen by you, in the morning and one in the afternoon  If you have said they would like to visit the Gift Shop that will be at lunch time and also during the lunch break , the children can climb on our play equipment, enjoy the farm animals or run around on the grassy area to let off steam.  Lunch is undercover if it rains or you visit in the winter.

Education Visiting Details

On the Day of Your Trip

We will meet your coach in the car park and guide the group through to the Long Gallery where the children will be able to leave their lunches and coats etc. There will be a two minute health and safety talk from a member of our staff, just to alert them to any potential risks, such as the spiral stairs up to the top of the Tower, to wash their hands if they touch any of the animals etc.

Our Education Officer, Hilary, will then take over and your staff will have an opportunity to observe the children as they are taught by our team. Our courses are very hands on, with lots of activities to keep the children’s interest, as well as deepening their learning about the period they are studying.

Layer Marney Tower has areas where you can eat your lunch under cover, we have excellent heating and so school visits are viable all year round and if the weather is too bad to go outside, we have areas where you can do the vast majority of the activities under cover.

How to Book

Make an Enquiry

Layer Marney Tower is open throughout the year for school trips. If you are interested in arranging a visit please make an initial enquiry using our enquiry form or contact us directly by phone 01206 330 784. We will then check our availability and secure the day for your in our diary.

We will ask you to download a booking form and return that to us with a deposit of £50.00. When we receive your form we email an acknowledgment and a copy of our General Health and Safety notes and some guidelines on simple ways for the children to prepare their costumes if you would like them to dress up.

If you would like to come for a pre trip visit, please telephone to make an appointment.

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