Our Team

Everyone knows that the success of a place like Layer Marney Tower is due to the Team that run it. Layer Marney Tower has a very varied workforce, with some here 5 days a week throughout the year and others who only come in for a specific purpose. Some inside and some outside. Whatever the contribution the cogs run smoothly thanks to their great teamwork.


Karen Brand, Sharon Willett, Nicholas and Sheila Charrington

The competition is who has the tidiest desk. The Charringtons fail!

“Everything comes through here”


Karen Brand, Jackie Knoyle Hughes, Graham Howlett

Anyone who has been married here knows Karen! I don’t think you could find anyone more supportive. Janet comes in for the wedding ceremonies and Graham drives the car.

“Heaven sent”


Claire Taylor

Claire is out in all weather conditions, keeping the gardens neat and tidy and preparing the beds for the next season.

“A delight”


Becky Anderson, Dee Roots, Doreen Gibson, Debbie Seaber, Bryony Bewers, Tony Mann

There is no more important group of people than those who keep it clean. A Tudor building has large wooden floors, awkward windows, a never ending supply of dust and spiders with years of practice. Night or day it is tackled with alacrity!

“so clean”


Christine Witney, Sharon Willett, Sheila Charrington

During the season there are 6 tents that are scrubbed and polished and turned round twice a week to be handed over to guests clean and tidy. Food boxes are delivered and sheets sent to the laundry.

“a masterclass in time and motion”


Sandra May, Jackie Knoyle-Hughes

This is the welcoming faces of Layer Marney Tower. Be it in the shop or on a tour, organising the gifts or looking after the schools, this lot never have a smile far away.

“I love people”


Becky Anderson, Bryony Brewer, Debbie Seaber

Yum, Scrum

“I am so pleased we have found good clotted cream!”


Nicholas Charrington

120 acres of land does not look after itself. There are animals to look after, ponds to dig, hedges to cut, hay to make. Most of these jobs require large machinery…….hazzah

“sorry I can’t hear you, let me turn the engine off”