Wedding Flowers Essex

Wedding Flowers Essex

Flowers can make a huge difference to your wedding, giving you an opportunity to express yourself, placing your mark on the look and feel of this historic wedding venue in Essex. You may have a colour scheme in mind, perhaps a theme as well: these are elements you will want to chat about with your florist. The choice of florist is both personal and important. You are free to use whichever florist you like, perhaps a friend or a member of your family, or a professional florist you already know or whose work you admire.

There are many professional florists who have worked at Layer Marney Tower, and one who we are happy to recommend is W Flowers, a family firm run by Wendy Leiper and her daughter, Julia. Have a look at their website or phone them on 01255 830836, 07887 691904. Their innovative and imaginative arrangements are well suited for the Long Gallery and they will also decorate the grand entrance stairs and the Jacobean mantelpiece.

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